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Are you an executive who:

  • Wants to feel energized by your work again?
  • Feels bored, dissatisfied or trapped in your current position and are not sure­ what your next step should be?
  • Wants to investigate what other positions or options for you might be?
  • Wants to find more meaningful and rewarding work now?
  • Wishes you could make a bigger contribution to the world, and need support in doing so?
  • Wants to reach the next level in your company, or make a bigger contribution to the world?

You’re not alone!  Regardless of your career status, the average American worker will spend over 100,000 hours working and change careers between 10 to 15 times – and executives change positions every four years on average!  Statistically, over 80% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs.  Our mission at Executive Career Consulting is to radically change that for you.  Through our proven, results-oriented Authentic Vocation™ career coaching process, we will guide you to realize who you are. By aligning your dreams, passions and desires with your skills and work experience – what we call your Authentic Vocation ™, you can have the career you have always imagined.

Our principals have more than 15 years’ experience as executive recruiters and professional coaches, and bring that insight to you as our client.  We facilitate your transformation to the career and job of your dreams – while you walk through an exciting journey of self-discovery. Focusing on your strengths, wants and desires, NOT what you do not have, you will hone your attributes to access the ideal market/position for you – a match to your Authentic Vocation ™. Don’t be part of the 80% statistic of unhappy American workers!   Partner with Executive Career Consulting to achieve your authentic career, the work you REALLY love to do.

“Teresa Adams has made a significant positive impact on my work. As a recruiter, I have found her insight practical and to produce results. Her coaching provides tools you can apply in daily life to bring about immediate change. Teresa is able to distill the complex into manageable pieces that are useful not just to increase production and placements but also to instill a commitment to the profession of executive recruiting. Her amazing experience as a million dollar biller and her remarkable gift as a coach combine to give any recruiter a step by step process to be more effective and have more fun.”

Charlie Kasch
Founder, Managing Partner at Western Global Partners
(a division of Lincoln & Creed)

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