Are you a company who:

  • Wants to fill an executive role – or bring on a team – but doesn’t want to pay the high fees of a professional recruiter?
  • Needs to do a “confidential search” and must keep it 100% confidential?
  • Needs succession planning for key management positions in your company?
  • Needs focused, seasoned assistance in managing one or more staff searches – but either you don’t want to hire a full-time person or your HR department is already overtaxed?
  • Is in the midst of a merger or acquisition and needs help evaluating and realigning key staff for the new entity?
  • Wants to be competitive in your compensation packages – and would benefit from a third party analysis?

Companies in these positions don’t just need ordinary consulting services – but the services of professionals with a proven track record, who are truly thought leaders in the staffing and talent management field, who relentlessly pursue success for their clients, and who loves to see people succeed using what on earth they were here for!   Also key is that they keep their commitment to quality and integrated solutions for their clients.

Through its Outsourced Search Management services, Executive Career Consulting brings the unique blend of 15 years of executive search for one of the top recruiting networks in the United States PLUS business ownership.  We help our clients recruit and retain world-class leadership talent.

By using Outsourced Search Management services, you not only get years of corporate experience, but since we work as a contractor/consultant you save the headaches and costs of an FTE but with the expertise you need, when you need it.

As a premier provider of senior-level executive search and assessment, serving clients globally for 15 years, we can handle these tasks for you (and if your desired task isn’t there, ask us!):

  • Interfacing with the hiring manager(s) within your firm to help them manage the screening, interviewing and hiring process OR interfacing with outside recruiting firms
  • Writing job specifications
  • Coordinating the details of the overall search for a key executive
  • Providing interview training to hiring managers
  • And much more!

Services for Companies and Organizations

Outplacement and Career Services 
Executive Career Consulting offers assistance to human resource professionals and companies that are downsizing or restructuring. Services include providing employees with one-on-one counseling and job search assistance.

Integrated Staffing/Outsourcing Solutions

This service is for clients looking for an outside agency to manage, on an ongoing or on a project basis, some or all of the firm’s functions pertaining to the front-end employment process. It integrates our experience, knowledge and skills with the needs of you, our client, for quality talent, streamlined hiring processes and cost control in talent acquisition.

Another benefit is that you can reposition talent acquisition as an outsourced process instead of building new core competencies around recruiting. Executive Career Consulting offers a host of turn-key recruiting services including candidate sourcing, job posting, candidate pipeline management, resume management (collection, sorting, scanning, verifying, screening, candidate assessment and testing), job presentations, university recruiting, career fairs, intranet postings

With Executive Career Consulting’s commitment to client-oriented solutions and emphasis on exceeding client expectations for human asset solutions.


  • Specializes in retained search (top executives to mid-level positions)
  • Completed hundreds of searches
  • Average search time is less than industry average
  • Broad functional expertise
  • Limits number of clients per industry sector
  • Delivers top-level talent consistently

Key Points of Difference

  • Consultative collegial approach designed to solve real client problems
  • Full service provider through a single point of contact
  • Processes that render timely and consistent quality
  • Promotes Partnership versus transactional style relationships

By limiting the number of client partnerships in each industry sector, Executive Career Consulting does not encounter the conflicts and restrictions experienced by many firms. This strategy allows the company to develop in-depth relationships with its customers in order to understand their strategy, organizational capabilities, competencies and culture.  In addition, we truly get to know our clients and utilize a uniquely cultivated recruiting methodology.

Finally, we work with hiring managers to drive talent as a source of competitive differentiation. This differentiation is leveraged to produce both top and bottom line results. Whether it’s a top-grading strategy, expansion, transformation effort, backfill or the development of the nucleus of current and future leaders, clients easily answer why they have chosen Executive Career Consulting as their partner in talent acquisition.

Teresa Adams’ Accomplishments in Retained Executive Search

Having successfully built the business by identifying and career-tracking top industry talent, search consultants are highly trained professionals who spend a significant amount of time understanding a candidate’s goals, unique strengths, and preferences. They develop long-term relationships with emerging business leaders in order to match candidates with the right opportunities of the client. This process has been proven to be a successful strategy.

Retained Mid-level Position Search

The service is designed to deliver high potential candidates for middle level positions in the total first-year compensation range of approximately $75,000 to $150,000.

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